The City of Detroit has received federal money for the demolition of 10,000 Detroit homes over the next three years.
Forty percent of the city is abandoned, a vast horizon of vacant land and burned out buildings. Currently, there are 33,000 empty and unused homes in the city.
Detroit, Oakland Ave., Chene St.
Detroit, Davidson service Dr.
Play scape, Jane Cooper School
Detroit, vacant land, residential
Detroit, vacant land, residential
Detroit, vacant land, residential
Jane Cooper Elementry school
Jane Cooper demolition
Detroit, Packard auto plant
Detroit, Residential, burned houses
Detroit residential, burned out house
Detroit, Chene, residential
Detroit residential, burned abandoned homes
Detroit residential, burned house
Detroit residential, twin homes
Detroit, Farlan Park St. Play scape, burned house
Detroit, Farris St., burned home
Detroit, Farris St., abandoned home
Detroit, Emma Thomas Elementary
Detroit Public Schools, Book building
Detroit, demolition